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4 Paws For Ability Inc Reviews

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  • Would Never Recommend This Agency to Anyone

    I volunteered at 4 Paws for a few years, fostering their "service dogs in training." I'll start off by saying it's obviously a non-profit, but some how the CEO and the head trainer managed to give themselves a salary of over $100,000 a year. The average salary for a non-profit CEO is $35,000... they choose their dogs based on temperaments, having no look at conformation or possible health risks. Their german shepherds conformation was horrendous. You can tell in their goldens they'll have severe hip issues later in life. They breed the puppies there, then at 12... More...
    snowball92's Picture   snowball92    0 Comments   Comments
  • 4 paws for ability, overall a medicre program

    Some dogs from this program are absolutey wonderful and some dogs are dreadful. The owner of 4 Paws was extremely rude to me, even after I had been a volunteer for almost a year. She expects families to do everything her way (even though you're the one paying $22,000 for a service dog), and there's no compromise what so ever. A lot of the dogs have behavioral issues because they're in their crates a lot except for socializing in public. I've seen dogs with excessive licking, eating dirt out of my potted plants, eating out of the litter box, chewing on my deck... More...
  • Our 4 Paws Service Dog opened up our World

    We received our Autism Service Dog with Tracking 3 and a half years ago,March '08.We were lucky enough to provide our complete donation ourselves and have no regrets. He has made real life possible for our family and opened up the World for our son . We can go to restaurants ,movies,the hospital,shopping and even outdoor concerts without the fear that our son will pull away from us in a dangerous situation.Our child knows no danger and doesn't answer when called ,so tracking and tethering are critical. The behavior disruption and calming pressure are a bonus. Our 4 Paws service... More...
    SamandFred's Picture   SamandFred    0 Comments   Comments

    Do they just allow any college student the chance to raise these dogs? I have been watching this girl who is in my class yell, grip, and push around a young puppy and I can tell that everyone else just looks at her like she is crazy. I am a huge animal lover and it is ridiculous to me that a paws for ability dog is being treated like that. That should NOT be allowed. She should have this puppy taken away from her!!! More...
  • Ridiculous website business

    I stumbled onto their web page through Pet Finder and they stated they were in dire need of foster homes. So I applied and filled out all the paperwork to be a foster. After waiting over a week I was told that I was not allowed to foster because one of my dogs was too old and they were afraid it would upset the puppy. My old dog is a Lab, the same dogs they use in their program, and he is also a retired service dog. So why aren't they concerned about when their dogs get older in the homes they place them with? In addition to this they state that they use rescued dogs, but in... More...
    DogsForever's Picture   DogsForever    2 Comments   Comments
  • 4 Paws Cares

    I volunteer at 4 Paws. If someone just walked in the door and visited for a few minutes they could not know how they care for the dogs. The dogs while they are at 4 Paws are in crates but I have never seen the dogs stay at the facility more than a few months as they rotate between foster homes, prison programs, and the facility. They are clean and well cared for. They feed the best food, an expensive grainless food, and they have excellant vet care with a full time vet right there in the building! They have lots of staff who spend from 8 in the morning until midnight (16 hours a day)... More...
    katie8221999's Picture   katie8221999    2 Comments   Comments

    Our daughter has been paired with her service dog for two and one half years. The dog is extremely well trained. She (the dog) has stayed in the hospital (Cincinnati Chidren's) with us on numerous occasions, she rides the bus to/from school, attends school, and goes everywhere our daughter goes. The dogs training was incredible. When we travelled to Boston for an evaluation she rode planes, commuter trains, busses, subways, etc. and travelled through busy subway stations without any issues. She has waited patiently when surgical complication prevented her from going out for a potty... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    QTPies3's Picture   QTPies3    0 Comments   Comments
  • 4 Paws For Ability Really Cares for Special Needs Kids!!!

    We got a service dog from 4 Paws two years ago and absolutely LOVE her! She has been a great addition to my family, and such a helper to my 6-yr-old autistic son. He was always afraid to go out in public before we got the dog, and would cry and have meltdowns constantly in new situations. I heard about service dogs for autistic kids when my son was 4. I searched and searched and couldn't find a reputable organization that would give a service dog to such a young child, but then I found 4 Paws and am so thankful I did! Yes, the whole process to apply, fundraise and wait for your... More...
    jenmomof7's Picture   jenmomof7    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hopefully Honest Review

    We received a service dog last year from this organization. She was a terrible dog, with all types of behavior issues, from barking, to not listening, to using the bathroom in the house. We tried to correct these problems per the contract we signed but was unsuccessful. In hindsight, that dog should never have been classified as a service dog. She wouldn't even have been a well-trained dog. She was simply a overly energetic, hyper dog. I was very intimidated by the director of 4 Paws. She terrified me. I felt that if I did the smallest thing wrong, she would take our dog. I... More...
    autismmom's Picture   autismmom    5 Comments   Comments
  • An Amazing and Wonderful Organization

    4 Paws for ability trained and placed a service dog for our child. Our dog had more than 500 hours of training and has been an amazing addition to our child's healing. The organization is a 501 c 3 charity that follows all nonprofit protocol. 4 Paws unlike other organizations, has a fund raising requirement. The service dog is Free. The only expenses we had were our travel to Xenia Ohio for two weeks of training. Since we had a RX for the dog, those expenses were tax-deductible. I think the fund raising requirement is a great idea because it significantly reduces the amount of time... More...
  • SCAM

    Karen Shirk, founder of 4 Paws for Ability", is taking dogs our of pounds, "training" them for three months(which they are NOT trained and still pee all over the house) calling them "service dogs" and charging upwards of 14 thousand dollars! Service dogs require at least one year of training once the dog has turned one year of age. This Cruella DeVille, Karen Shirk, is scamming parents who are desperate to help their special needs children and she counts on that desperation so she can laugh all the way to the bank. More...
    doglover101's Picture   doglover101    12 Comments   Comments


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